Subject To Change

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” Buddha


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My parents raised me to believe in God. A singular deity that watched over everything. The single most powerful force in the universe that had the power to do anything in it’s will. One that we must worship. One that we must praise. One that we look to for guidance, strength and support. One from whom we ask forgiveness. One where we find comfort. One who gives us solace and peace of mind. One that reminds us that we are all made the same and we all serve a purpose. One reason to live. One reason to believe.

I’ve had questions about creation and of God. There was a time when I rejected Him and thought of myself as just one of the many forsaken. I was never satanic, though. I just didn’t want to worship the God who let me go astray when He could have helped me see clearly. But I realized with time that He is only a guide and it is I who has to choose the path. A great deal of this life is in my hands. God is the referee to the game of life. I am just one of the many players, but my actions have an effect and I am significant. Like in the chaos theory, even the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause something as devastating as a tornado. It is the same with me. God is not the author of the book of life – He is the editor.


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