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.All The Colours Of The Rainbow

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Why do we choose to write about what we do? Why let out certain emotions on your blog and others in your everyday life? Why express certain opinions here rather than in day to day talk? I was talking to Lady Divine when these thoughts came up. She blogs about pretty much everything that goes on in her life, whereas I just post about things I feel the need to write about. Different aspects of my personality come out in different modes and methods; some through my poetry, some through my prose, some through these posts, some through speech, actions and some just linger in my mind. Is it only me?

It’s interesting to see how this spectrum is created; the reasons why Red comes before Orange and Yellow. Why Green is next to Blue, and Indigo next to Violet. And yet, you don’t see all the colours of the rainbow. Do you? But why not? Do they not exist? Or are you just not looking hard enough?

You can’t blame someone for who they are, only for what they portray to you. You can only criticize what they let you criticize. You can only judge what they let you judge. Because you only know what let you know, the rest is for you to find out. What does it mean to know a mirror from a veil? Sometimes you look at someone and think you see yourself in them. Sometimes that’s just an illusion to hide something within them. Pull it aside, and you see what’s really there. You have to forget about yourself, to truly know someone else. Don’t ever look for yourself in someone else. Find yourself. Look for them.

When you’re looking for things in common, some things might not make sense. You might wonder why they’re similar in one way but different in the other. You begin to create an image of the person based on a model that is yourself. You start adding on and taking off as you learn more about them, but sometimes things just don’t fit or they come out looking… weird. Why? Because you’ve been looking at them as though they were you. But there are so many factors that come into play, in both your case and theirs, that determine who you are and the choices that you make. And it’s impossible for you to know them all, again in both cases. In order to know someone you must first know yourself, and then remember that they are not you and you are not them. It’s easier to pull aside a veil than to destroy a mirror.


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January 15, 2009 at 2:11 pm

.Red Versus Blue

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Have you ever thought of how often in our day to day lives we choose to make assumptions? Why is it that when you see someone on the street you assume you know where they’re from and where they’re headed? To me it seems like a precautionary measure. It’s in our instinct to avoid anything that may cause us harm. A woman holding a baby in a bus might not seem like a threat to you, but what if you found out somehow that she was about to dispose of it? It’s not something you would normally assume, but it is quite possible. How would that make you feel? How would that affect your thoughts? Your day? Your week? Or even your life?

Truth hurts, and it’s natural to avoid it. Especially when it doesn’t benefit you or doesn’t agree with you. So, in order to avoid it, you choose the seemingly humble path of ignorance. This is when the assumptions come in. Fueled by ignorance, assumptions start to take a bigger role in things. But when assumptions start to play a role in your judgements, that when things get fucked up. And when assumptions turn around and fuel your ignorance, that’s when you get fucked up.

Every day we face the choice between the red pill and the blue pill – truth and ignorance. But how often do we stop at the fork between Hard Knoks and Easy Street and actually think before we choose? It’s amazing and even scary to think of how many of our decisions are made subconsciously. It’s so easy to program yourself unknowingly to make choices over and over without realizing the weight they carry. And what happens when it’s too late? Think.

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January 13, 2009 at 12:00 pm

.Dropping Anchor

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Do you know what it’s like
To be your own drug?
To feel the urge to sink in
And swim in your blood
To seat yourself on a heated spoon
And immerse yourself in the sweet perfume
Only to find that you are once again
Caught in the middle of a used syringe
To be pushed through a needle
Into your favourite vein
To revisit the streets
Where they all know your name
And as you pass by
You wouldn’t care to say “Hi”
Or even look them straight in the eye
You keep to yourself
and not a single one else
Knows the pain that lies inside
So you tuck yourself in
At a Bed & Breakfast inn
And stay a couple of nights
Till you lose track of time
As the days pass you by
And you forget how to say “Goodbye”.

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January 11, 2009 at 8:56 pm

.Silence Is Deafening

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Thought I’d post a song to break the silence.

This is my cover of Damien Rice’s Prague, a hidden track off his album “O”.
It’s nothing compared to the original, which you can listen to here.
But it’s all I have to share for now.

Click to download Prague covered by yours truly

Enjoy. Or at least try.

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January 11, 2009 at 4:01 am

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