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.While I Was Away

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Always wanted to take a train, never did until yesterday. With only two weeks off from college I thought I should make best use of the little time I have, so I decided to take a train to Kandy over the weekend. Packed a camera, batteries, and a notepad. Went with a friend who stays there, we got dropped off at the Fort Railway Station at 6.30AM, Saturday, but with only 4 people in front of us at the queue, the tickets sold out. So we took a bus instead, and I ended up taking a train to Gampola from Kandy, and from Kandy back to Colombo. Meanwhile, my brother was at home taking better pictures than I could manage with the shitty camera. Since I’m too exhausted from footboarding to write about the trip, or post the shitty pictures, I’ll just let you’ll have a look at some of his photography.

Taken with the Nokia 5800, in black and white, high contrast:




In sepia tone, high contrast:


Square. Get it? 😛


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May 17, 2009 at 12:07 pm

.Lights Out

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Woke up sweating this morning, power had just gone out and the fan had stopped whirring. Hadn’t realized, thought Dad had turned it off to wake me up. Get out of bed and go downstairs, Dad’s gone out, no one’s on the computer, UPS blinks red. Power cut. 10.30, I’m hungry, brother peels a mango, tosses one over. “Let’s play carrom”, I refuse, I suck too much at the game and he’s had a bit of practice of late. He insists, and sets the board though I’m more interested in the mango. He breaks, I’m black, I strike, though quite laid back. He scores a few, I just watch, wait until he asks me to play. He’s obviously winning, I’ve finished my mango, I get up and leave. Come back to the same spot, I ask him to get out the Uno cards, I’ve always had better luck with that. We play, I win, one more, I win. And another, I win. On and on about 8 times or so, I won. Then finally he win. Dad gets back home, he joins in. Brother wins, I come second, after going on for about 10 minutes against Dad. Afterwards brother and Dad play carrom, brother lost. We go outside, it’s 4PM the power’s yet to return. Brother’s playing the guitar, I grab Dad’s phone. Go out and start taking pictures. Picture quality turns out better than earlier, probably due to the lighting, out in the sun. Mess around with the few settings, I chose black and white this time, take a few shots, something’s missing. Turn up the contrast, muuuuch better.

 03052009364 03052009365 03052009369 03052009368  03052009373    

As much as they might look like poses, he was actually playing when I took these, which could mean he poses while playing. The string looks like they’re going haywire in some of them, an effect I like. None of these have been edited, a few have been cropped. I’ve decided to continue these “photography” posts, as amateur as they maybe. All of these were taken with a Nokia 5800, Colour Tone set to Black & White, and Contrast set to High. Everything else on Auto.

Bro took a video of me covering a J. Tillman song, not going to post it here though, since it’s already on Kottu. (:

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May 3, 2009 at 11:23 pm

.Plain Tea

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Woken up at noon today, by my brother saying we were to have lunch at a relatives place. Got up and got ready. Got there, nothing to do, no one to speak to. Ate lunch, wondered who the hell the little kids were. An uncle shows off his dual-SIM Chinese phone, goes on to talk about Tamil gangsters in the UK, and how Tamils are great at creating their own businesses. Familiar faces entered, finally someone to talk to. Everyone’s finished eating, the kids are playing out in front, I see Dad’s phone on the table. Snatch it, get onto Twitter, scroll through the updates, don’t feel like saying much. End up on camera, take a look around. Fuzzy, try changing settings. Sepia tone looks best, click. Turn off flash, click. Mess around with exposure, click. Contrast, click. Suddenly feel energetic, zooming in and out. Move about clicking at random, the display becomes my eyes, my sight, my vision. Capturing still-frames hoping to hold on to a thought, or steal one right out of another, and freeze it in one place, to look at again. Don’t understand grown-ups being camera shy. Asked no one to pose or smile, ‘cheese’ didn’t slip off any tongue. I felt alive, in such a strange way, just looking at the moments I’d caught, like bugs in a jar, birds in a cage. Tea was served, “plain tea or milk tea”, plain, please. Relatives do not understand the concept of “plain”, ginger does not go into plain tea. Not enough sugar, I take 3 teaspoons. Never mind, I’ve got pictures to take, moments to steal. Grandma is sitting outside, drinking her milk tea. Pouring it onto a saucer, this is how tea should be drunk. Carrom board comes out, game on. I choose to spectate, watching from the sidelines, in sepia tone. It’s not only the fingers that snap, even the toes curl and snap, so intense. The kids have come in, they all join in watching the game. Everyone’s together now, though I hardly know their names. I have no more pictures to take, I am fully immersed in this time and place. I felt great.


19042009212(crop)19042009229(crop)  19042009233



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April 20, 2009 at 8:10 am