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“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” Buddha

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.Who Are You Now?

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I am myself,
And nobody else.
I am nothing more
And nothing less.
I am not a saint,
Nor a saviour.
I am not a guide,
Nor a messenger.
I am who I am,
And all that I can be.
And there is no one else,
But myself who can change me.


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December 5, 2008 at 4:48 pm

.Helping Yourself

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No one can help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. No one is going to bother caring about you when you don’t care about yourself. Even if they do they will get sick of it soon. You have to make the changes. You can’t expect someone to come rescue you. When life gives you lemons, fuck it and move on. You don’t let it bring you down, because then you have more damage to fix. There is nothing in this life that you will go through that you can’t get past except for death. Anything that needs to be done can be done. What you can’t do you don’t need to. But you can’t tell yourself what you can and can’t do. Neither can anyone else. You try everything and prove it to yourself.

Your body should tell your mind what you’re capable of. Your eyes should tell your mind what you see. Your senses should tell your mind what they sense.  Not the other way around. Your mind is what sets the limits on your senses and your body. You are not as small and needy as you think. You are not weak and helpless. You are not “doomed”. You don’t need anyone if you have yourself. But you have to respect yourself first – all aspects of yourself. 

Feeling ashamed isn’t going to help.
Feeling insecure doesn’t make you human.
Suffering doesn’t mean you feel pain.
Feeling numb doesn’t mean you’re immune.
Struggling doesn’t mean you’re fighting.
And losing doesn’t mean it’s over.
It never ends.
There is no finish line.
Stop looking for one.


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The title of this blog will probably change soon, though I might even keep it as “Subject To Change”. I’m choosing to be anonymous for reasons beyond my control. I’ve never tried to use a blog to define myself before, but I am going to try do that with this one.

Right now I’m hoping to make some changes, so the current title is apt. I’m not a Buddhist, by the way, in case you’re wondering after reading the quote next to the blog title or this posts title. I just feel like it’s time that I discovered who I really am once again, ’cause it’s become really hard for me to tell.

I’m going to create a new image of myself, and I am going to paint this picture here. Each post will be a canvas, this keyboard will be my brush, and my thoughts will be the paint, and you will be the viewer. I’ve come to realize that I was wrong about something – I am not just the picture frame, I am also the painter. It is all in my hands.

Now that I’ve introduced myself and the blog I’m just going to end this post with this:
“With the death of one comes the birth of another” Me.

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November 6, 2008 at 11:40 am